Wednesday, April 16, 2014

New series Mature Men

Hey romance reading folks ever get tired of the hero always falling for the slim, beautiful, twenty-something heroine? I know many who read my books are so with their encouragement I've started a new series called Mature Men.

Not all women are slim, beautiful, or twenty-something. But all deserve to be able to lose themselves in a romance that reflects who they are.  The men in this series won't always end up with the typical romance heroine.

The first book in the series is called Long, Slow Second Look and features a bbw heroine, who has very average looks (based on a co-worker who despite being average looking and bbw, had most of the men in the office where we worked drooling over her because of her great personality and self-confidence) but never doubts that she has just as much right to be swept off her feet as any other woman. 

The blurb is below. Let me know what you think.

When full-figured Amber Hunt-Darkwater and sexy John Reddorn meet at a party, they each have an agenda. Amber is there to attract the romantic attention of a handsome doctor who would make a great husband if only he'd stop running and allow her to catch him. John, who is happily divorced and has many willing bed partners, is looking for a female friend without any sexual benefits sought or given.

Nevertheless, within minutes of their meeting, they are lost in a heated lip lock and sharing a sexy bump and grind while the good doctor looks on in shock. The sexual chemistry between them is sizzling. Once they are alone the heat level between them rises to dangerous heights neither can contain nor control.

You can read an excerpt here

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