Thursday, December 25, 2008

Gay Romance—What’s the fascination for heterosexual women?

Gay Romance—What’s the fascination for heterosexual women?

A conversation with a reader on my Yahoo Group, Love Bytes, got me wondering about the origins of my fascination with man on man sex/romance. As a teenager, I used to spend as much of my free time as possible at my older sister’s house. Why? Because her home was sort of a haven for gay men.

I spent countless hours there after school each day talking to them and gawking at them. Some dressed as traditional males. Others dressed as women. Some called themselves Drag Queens.

Despite my preoccupation with gay men, as a young adult I found it difficult to accept that some of my own family members were gay. I couldn’t understand why they couldn’t be “straight.” It took years for me to realize how narrow minded I’d been for so many years.

So I went from not being able to accept homosexuality in my own relatives back to a total fascination. Once I accepted that other people’s sexual orientation was none of my business, I was back to being total fascination with all thins gay.

Erotic gay romance is hot. Although I’ve only written a few books with manlove themes, I’ve surfed the net for m/m love/sex stories. The editor of my latest m/m romance (Night Heat, published by Red Rose publishing), said that the largest market for such romances is largely heterosexual women.

So here’s my question. For those women who also enjoy reading m/m romances, why do you like it? What is it about two men in love with each other that gives such thrills to a number of us?

For those of you who’d like to see where my fascination as taken me, in addition to Night Heat, there’s a gay male relationship in my vampire books, Bloodlust III—Forbidden Desires and Bloodlust IV—Nocturnal Heat.

Marilyn Lee