Saturday, July 17, 2010

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Which Author Promos Do You Prefer?

Last week, I got an email from a fellow author purporting to be interested in the kind of E-reader I had. The promo link in the email was broken. The email annoyed me. Why? I don’t like people soliciting me.
I have two books out now that I’m particularly interested in promoting, Loving Large—Yours, Only And Always and Long Line of Love III—Only One Love. Both books feature BBW heroines with Native American Heroes. I think both book feature some of my best efforts. So naturally, I would love to platter ordering info about them all over the place at every opportunity. I would love to send a promotional email to everyone with an email addy.
I haven’t done that. Why not? Because as an author, I never send email to a reader who hasn’t contacted me first or in some way already expressed an interest in receiving email from me (such as entering a contest with a prize that requires them to give their name and email).
Later, as I surfed the net looking for legitimate opportunities to promote The Grayhawks and the Elkhorns, I came across a board with readers complaining about having received the same email from the same author. Since I’m sure that wasn’t the reaction the author in question was hoping to generate, I found myself wondering what other things we might do as authors that annoy readers.
So please feel free to tell me what author promos you like and prefer. Do you prefer to visit an author’s website? Join a mailing list or Yahoo Group? Or do you prefer word of mouth to discover new books? Which promo efforts annoy you? I’d love to know so I’ll know which to avoid.
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